14th Apr 24

8th Dec 24

Deep Rest - a monthly restorative yoga workshop

Davide Penazzi

Restorative yoga is a practice where the focus is on the nervous system. With the use of bolsters, blankets and other props, Davide will guide you through a sequence of fully supported asanas that will allow the release of the tension you hold in your body. If you have trouble sleeping, feel stressed and can’t manage to “switch off” a deep rest practice will give you the much needed reset and respite you need. This practice is open to all levels.

9th Mar 24
21st Sep 24

Harness the wisdom of menopause and beyond - through yoga and writing

Donna Southwell And Rachel Newsome

Menopause is an immense life event that can be approached as an important rite of passage for women as we cross the threshold into a new season. Not only does it usher in a complete hormonal shift but our brains also begin to change in a way that can connect us more deeply with our intuition. This means that menopause has the potential to provide the greatest opportunity for growth since adolescence.

10th Feb 24

15th Dec 24

Ashtanga Yoga School Intermediate Series immersion

Donna Southwell And Matt Ryan - Ays

Elevate your Ashtanga yoga practice with our Intermediate Sequence Course. This deep dive into the second series will take place over 4 weekends in 2024. Feb 10/11. June 15/16, Sept 7/8, Dec 14/15