Yoga & Herbs for Anxiety

3rd Mar 24

Sun 2PM - 5:30PM


Maddy Taylor and Davide Penazzi

This workshop brings an afternoon filled with practices to manage and reduce anxiety, and empower you in your daily life. You will learn and sample medicinal herbs which can bring about calm, nourish your nerves and stop circling thoughts. Following this, we will explore breathing techniques and practise restorative yoga to calm the nervous system. You will leave with the tools to manage anxiety and sustain a relaxed state.

This workshop is for you if you struggle with anxiety, you want to learn tips to help others or yourself, or you’re a yoga teacher and want to embed new techniques into your classes.

The workshop includes:

~ Learning about anxiety and how it manifests in the body
~ Information on some key herbs to reduce anxiety
~ Tasting of some herbs commonly used for their calming effects, in tea and tincture form
~ Mixing your own herbal tea for anxiety to take away
~ Breathwork and pranayama practices to give you tools to manage anxiety, anywhere and anytime
~ Discussion/sharing on coping strategies for anxiety (participation optional)
~ Restorative yoga leaving you feeling deeply rested

There will be a break prior to the yoga and we will enjoy a sweet treat which will contain medicinal herbs to aid the balancing of the nervous system. Perfect preparation for restorative yoga.

This is not to be missed! Spaces are limited – book in advance here to guarantee your space.

suitable for beginners

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