Introduction to yoga - 4 week beginners course

20 Nov & 27 Nov 2021

9AM - 10AM


Christina McArthur

Week 1. Students learn the key standing postures and the foundations to building a personal yoga practice. Date 20/11/21 

Week 2: We'll explore moving in time with the breath, sun salutations, and the difference between pain and stretch sensations. Date 27/11/21 

Week 3 Is an introduction to the seated postures and exploring stamina and stability. Date 4/11/21

Week 4 We will put it all together, introduce backbends and discuss what next. Date 11/11/21

All sessions are tailored to the needs of individual students and begin and end with breathwork and relaxation. By the end of the course, students should feel confident joining any yoga classes suitable for beginners.

This course is free for public and voluntary sector workers living and working in Calderdale. To book, please visit

If you are not eligible for free classes, then please get in touch with me at 

suitable for beginners

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