Deep Rest - a monthly restorative yoga workshop

14th Apr 24
26th May 24
1st Sep 24
27th Oct 24
8th Dec 24

5PM - 6:30PM


Davide Penazzi

When we are stressed, we are in a constant state of tension and alertness that, when maintained for a long time, wears us out and causes dysfunctions such as insomnia, pain and headaches.

Restorative yoga is a practice stemming from the use of yoga as therapy, and focuses on restoring the natural state of calm in the nervous system, via breath awareness, fully supported asanas held for a long time and by moving the attention inwards. In this class Davide will guide you through a sequence of restorative asanas, in a space that will allow you to release and disconnect from the world around you, and reconnect to your own body to find peace and equilibrium.

This practice does not require muscular effort and is thus suitable for everyone, it is especially complementary to regular energetic asana practices. In order to maintain an environment suitable to the restorative practice, please aim to arrive in the class at least ten minutes before the start. You might want to bring warm clothes and sock as we will be holding poses for a long time.


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