Yoga for Beginners' Workshop

11 Sep & 16 Oct 2021

Sat 2PM - 4PM
Sat 10AM - 12PM


Christina McArthur

Yoga for Beginners' Workshops 

Are a great way to introduce new themes and break down postures into their component parts. You will gain a deeper understanding of the practice and explore breathing and relaxation techniques. These 2-hour workshops are suitable for the CC4U students who have attended some yoga classes already and those totally new to the practice.

Benefits of a regular practice:

Reduces stress levels and muscle tension

Improves flexibility, muscle strength, posture, balance and stamina

Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown and supports connective tissu

Enhances the respiratory system

Protects and strengthens the spine and cardiovascular system.

Encourages self-care and self-awareness

Develops potential to change to a healthier lifestyle

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11/9/21   2pm - 4pm

16/10/21 10am -12pm

suitable for beginners

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