Ashtanga Yoga School Intermediate Series immersion

10th Feb 24
11th Feb 24
15th Jun 24
16th Jun 24
7th Sep 24
8th Sep 24
14th Dec 24
15th Dec 24

9AM - 5PM


Donna Southwell and Matt Ryan - AYS

Elevate your Ashtanga yoga practice with our Intermediate Sequence Course. Build upon your foundation, deepening postures and exploring more advanced techniques. This course offers tailored guidance, helping you refine alignment and breath control. Expand your repertoire with challenging asanas, enhancing strength and flexibility. Gain insights into yogic philosophy, enhancing your spiritual connection. Our experienced instructors provide personalized attention, ensuring safe progress. Join to foster growth, cultivate mindfulness, and connect with a supportive community of fellow practitioners. Take the next step in your Ashtanga journey, embracing transformation and empowerment through our enriching Intermediate Sequence Course.

The Course will feature...


Each day will start with a period of Zen Meditation , Pranayama and Mysore Self-Practice. For those already practicing the 2nd series postures they will continue to do so in the Mysore sessions. Students new to the intermediate postures will practice Primary Series in their self-practice with the 2nd series postures added on as appropriate. 


Technical foundations and alignment of the second series asanas. 
How to format asanas for our bodies or offer alternatives.
Learn the traditional counted vinyasa system and the Sanskrit names for the postures.
Learn how to observe students’ bodies on both a physical and energetic level.
Learn how to give safe and effective hands on adjustments.
Learn instruction for safe technique and alignment. 
Have an understanding of the importance of breath and pranayama.
The use and understanding of how to use props effectively.
Dristi – develop an understanding of the different gaze points, of how and why we use them.
Bandha – develop an understanding of bandha and the core muscles. 
Kriyas – the cleansing techniques of Yoga including Kapalabhati  Neti  Trataka and Nauli 

Certification on completion of the course.

Saturdays and Sundays 9am - 5pm

Feb 10/11. June 15/16, Sept 7/8, Dec 14/15

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