Kim-malou is a trusted facilitator of the Medicine Drum Journey.

With over 30yrs of walking an Animistic (Shamanic) path with the respect, knowledge and responsibility that brings Kim-malou holds a safe & sacred space for healing, growth & transformation.

The medicine of the Drum takes the listener into a deep mediative theta state of relaxation.

Healing and rejuvenating the mind, heart, body and spirit.

In this state, the drum beat connects us deeper with our own subconscious minds/higher self’s for exploration, gaining answers/wisdom, empowerment and growth for healing and transformation in our lives.


What to expect:-

Cleansing smudge and blessing. 

Candle to set intention for your journey. 

Guided grounding, aligning and centering meditation. 

Shamanic Medicine Drum Journey. 

What to bring:-

Please bring water, your own mat pillow and Blanket if you have them otherwise there is a limited amount of mats at venue if needed. 

NOT  Suitable for Medicine Drum Journey :-

People with a Pacemaker.


Under the age of 16.

Hearing Aids :- it is advisable to remove before Drum Journey but keep switched on until the drum journey begins. (Even if you cannot hear the drumbeats you will still receive the healing medicine from the Drum)

People under the influence of substances or alcohol.



07967 876 177


medicine drum journey - fortnightly from july 3rd
8:30 - 9:30