Katie Back

I became a yoga teacher by accident. On a retreat in Harrogate in 2021,
they suggested I do their teacher training course. It started the following
week and I suddenly felt that was the exact next thing to do.
Hebden Bridge also happened to me by accident! I came north for a
temporary stay between lockdowns and soon realised this is where I
should live. I work remotely for an education publisher and spend my
days now walking, writing and yoga-ing too.
I did yoga in a casual way for years before realising the impact on both
body and mind of practicing regularly. I paid more attention to yoga
when I had a tough time with health issues and upheaval in life – and
found it a deeply grounding point, that I now want to share with others.
I trained in Hatha, Yin, Nidra and Vinyasa over the course of a year and
am focusing on Vinyasa Flow at the moment. My class is a dynamic one
that moves you through sequences to music, using breath to support you
into and out of the poses. One of my regulars said the sessions make her
feel “stretched, cherished, alert and proud.”
My class is suitable for all levels of ability because I give different options
throughout. I am always very happy to meet people beforehand to
navigate individual needs or injuries. I also offer private yoga coaching
which can be very beneficial for progressing through certain challenges
or reaching yoga goals!
My class dates are always updated on my website: www.lunaryoga.org
Do get in touch to book your spot or ask me any questions.



07976 609 273


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vinyasa flow - lunchtime
12:30 - 1:30