Caroline Dickson

Hello, I teach Hatha yoga at the Calderdale Yoga Centre and have taught here in the valley since 2001.

Originally qualifying in Sivananda yoga in 1998 I furthered my training with Anne-Marie Zulkahari in Kilburn, London.  She introduced me to the Scaravelli style of yoga which still influences my teaching today.

I would say that my class would appeal to you if you are looking to yoga to relieve stress or anxiety, are starting to find more dynamic classes no longer suit your body or would like a gentle introduction to yoga. Which is not to say that the class does not give you a really good stretch or present any challenges, balancing effort with relaxation. I like to start slowly, focusing deeply on the breath and the internal experience of the posture rather than worrying too much about achieving the perfect shapes or competing with anyone else. I offer clear, precise instructions and demonstrations to help you to move safely in and out of postures and find your way comfortably into proper alignment of the the body.

It's important to me to get to know my students well and offer an individual approach to each, adjusting lightly and offering alternatives within the posture or different postures altogether.

Some of my students have been attending my classes for 18 years now. I asked my current class for some feedback for the purpose of this bio and here are some of the lovely comments:

"Class atmosphere is calm and respectful, playful and supportive"

"Your persona and energy is very welcoming, gentle and easy"

"Whatever other yoga or physical activities I do, I'm aware that the thorough grounding you've given me keeps me mindful and safe"

"I love your expert eye - you are there to adjust me almost before I realise that it doesn't feel right"

"I also find them really helpful when I'm stressed as you have taught me some yogic breathing which definitely helps me calm my thoughts"

"Feel that all members of class are equally important within individual capacity, doesn't favour the most flexible and accomplished"

"I always hugely value the textbook precision and the purist approach to the poses"

"I appreciate the care that goes into all of your classes"

"The classes have a lovely, comfortable feel to them.."

"I always feel this balance at the end of a class, of being physically stretched but mentally and emotionally calm"     


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hatha yoga
9:45 - 11:15