Michelle Well

Michelle has been working in the fields of human growth for nearly 3 decades beginning with Reiki and Advanced Hypnotherapy continuing professional development including Psychosexual, Somatic Therapy, Tantra, Toa and Quodoushka sacred sexual healing practices and 10 years with the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine society in their gateway process, including ‘women’s ways’. All of these practices include conscious breathwork and realising that this was the most profound and powerful aspect of her work Michelle has been training with the Alchemy of Breath for the last two years as a breathwork practitioner with the aim to become a Master of Breath.

Uniquely, she has developed a fusion of these modalities together with her history of raising 4 children(and many others), which adds a powerful maternal energy useful in healing the inner wounded children so many find within them as the cause to so much of the suffering within human experience.





conscious breathwork
11:30 - 12:30