Kaye Martindale

I began my yoga practice 16 years ago in Berlin, and fell in love with yoga at that first class. I knew there and then that I would become a yoga teacher one day. Two years later I went to India to do my teacher training. 

I spent years in India, the home of yoga, dedicating myself to studying, practicing and teaching various forms of yoga and meditation. I also spent 6 months living in an ashram where I was able to immerse myself fully in Indian wisdom traditions and practices.  

My yoga journey has been quite an adventure and I haven’t looked back since that first class in Berlin which changed my life and set me on this path. I have explored and love many forms of yoga; from the dynamic physical practices which enliven the body and clear the mind, to the silent and still practices of Buddhist meditation. My classes express my love of all that yoga offers, and in an average class you can expect to find elements from at least 4 or 5 different styles of yoga. 

Some of my classes are physically challenging while others are deeply restful, all my classes have at their heart the intention to draw our attention inward so we can find our own way to understand and work with our body and mind. 

I’m dedicated to creating a space in my classes where we can listen to ourselves so that we can hold and respond to our inner world in an ever kinder, ever more authentic way. My intention in my teaching is to weave together my understanding of yoga to create a soulful, enlivening & integrated yoga experience. 

In my classes I interweave the body wisdom of Anusara Yoga, the breath focus of Vini Yoga, the surrender of Yin & Restorative Yoga with the deep rest & silence of Yoga Nidra& Meditation to create a flowing & integrated journey.


I sat my first silent Vipassana Meditation retreat in 2008, it had a profound affect on my yoga teaching and transformed my relationship with myself. I aspire to bring the insights, clarity & compassion of Vipassana Meditation and Buddhism to my classes.


I spent my late 20s and early 30s in India studying yoga, practicing meditation, teaching yoga, deepening my sadhana (spiritual practice) and immersing myself in Indian wisdom traditions. My yoga practice and teaching is inspired and nourished every day by my time in India. I aim to convey through my teaching the intuitive, whole-hearted, freedom of expression that India showed me was possible.

The Breath

In 2010 I sat a 40 day silent meditation retreat with Jaya Ashmore and Jess Huon in India. It was, aside from childbirth, the most powerful, visceral thing I've ever done. There were many moments of bliss and insight but much of time was spent sitting with difficulty, sadness, pain, trauma and grief. Those 40 days of silence taught me the power of the breath to heal, to bear witness, to stay steady, and to open to love, joy and peace.


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